The Technological District has been created in March 2011 aiming at improving Tuscan enterprises' competitiveness and their products for vehicles, infrastructures and systems.

Nowadays more than 90 Tuscan enterprises - or having an operational seat in Tuscany - are part of the District.
Plus, 4 Tuscan Academic Excellencies and several Laboratories for Rail Sector are part of it.

Thanks to such a networking role played by the District, they all started to work together on R&D activities, innovation and technology transfer in order to improve their global competitiveness while implementing a multi-annual R&D Plan written by the District.

The Strategic Guide Lines for such activities were developed by the Strategic Committee, composed by 10 members and headed by the President of the District, Eng. Lorenza Franzino - AnsaldoBreda S.p.A.:

1) Ph.D. Stefania Gnesi - CNR-National Research Council, Pisa;
2) Prof. Fabrizio Di Pasquale - Scuola di Studi Superiori e di Perfezionamento Sant'Anna, Pisa;
3) Prof. Massimo Ceraolo - University of Pisa;
4) Prof. Paolo Toni - University of Florence;
5) Daniele Mattini - ECM S.p.A.;
6) Roberto Rossi - Thales Italia S.p.A.;
7) Argeo Bartolomei - Argos Engineering S.r.l.;
8) Claudio Lazzerini - Cabel Costruzioni Elettroniche S.r.l.;
9) Veronica Elena Bocci - Pistoia Futura;
10) Carlo Carganico - Italcertifer.

The Technological District is managed by Pistoia Futura.
For every kind of info, please contact us at:

If you are interesed in joining the District, remember you must have at least an operational seat in Tuscany (click here for info about coming to work in our wonderful region!)
Then, you only have to:
1) draw this document (formato DOC - dimensione 27 Kb) on your headed-note paper;
2) make a copy of your Legal Representative's Identity Document;
3) send all to:

We will be glad to reply to your questions and collaborate with your enterprises!


Data di redazione: 13/12/2012


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